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Istanbul Hairline serves local and international in hair transplantation. We prove men and women hair trasplant with best results.
With advanced technology, high quality medical products and VIP service, we offer high scale hair transplant.

Operations are performed with daily max(4) of patients and only doctors and specialists contact with patients.
Unshaved Hair Transplant
"With the latest technology, it is now possible to do hair transplantation without shaving your hair completely. We shave only a small section in the donor area where the grafts will be collected."
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Hair Transplant for Women
Hair transplant operation for women is performed following the same procedures as for male patients. The difference is that female patients' hair can be made without shaving, although they are desired
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Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant
Sapphire FUE is a method that provides the maximum number of grafts that makes the standard FUE procedure preferable to the normal FUE method.
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For Hair Transplant Prices


1-3 Days
The Healing Process
6-9 Hours
Operation Time
Local Anesthesia
6-12 Months
Full Result

Hair Transplant Operation

Before and After

Hair Transplant Treatment
Maximum Graft Application

With Maximum Graft
Magnificient View

We are taking maximum grafts from your donor area , how many grafts you need we are planting your empty areas step by step.

You will not pay each graft , you will see your new hairs with maximum grafts operation in one package.

Teknikler Safir Fue Dhi [Choi]
 Donör alanında ameliyat İzi Yok Yok
 Donör alanı iyileşme süresi 7 Gün 7 Gün
 Ekim bölgesinde iyileşme süresi 5 Gün 2 Gün
 Ekim bölgesinde nekroz riski Çok düşük Yok
 Ekim bölgesinde kesit izi Farkedilemez Farkedilemez
 Kanama, kabuklanma Düşük En düşük
 Ekilebilir maksimum yoğunluk 60 kök / cm2 100 kök / cm2
 Saçlı alana ekim Yapılamaz Yapılabilir
 Doğallık Başarılı Çok başarılı
 Tek seans maksimum kök 7000 kök 4000 kök
 Operasyon maliyeti Düşük Yüksek
  Fiyat Al Fiyat Al